"Welcome to Slick City BoppAZ"

My name is Inaam Salik, founder of "Slick City BoppAZ™" I design hip-hop style logos for major companies that cater to the hip-hop industry. The artwork displayed reflects my past in New York City, in the graffiti era of 1972. As I was a young artist with no other outlet to express my inner self, I took it to the street with gaining the name graf in the Bronx. This was a time when you had to prove yourself in some kind of way. Some were cutting, mixing the scratchin' on the turntables, I was adding color and form and leaving my mark that gained me the name graf of "Jif-One" Bombin' Da insides of the IRT #1 train as an inside artist.

The mini masterpieces have long time been erased, but my artwork lives on legally with the creating of unique designs for T-shirts, Hoodies and other clothing.

"Slick City BoppAZ™" also does specialty orders for individuals, record labels, organizations and independent artist.

Contact Info:
Inam Salik (412) 621-1858

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